Personally, fitness is and has been a big part of my life as a played a lot of sports in High School, so I thought why not create a survey that can collect data, that can help those in charge better accommodate our fitness needs. Additionally, my partner is an amazing illustrator and here skills and keen eye would advance the project further into its completion stage.

What it does

It visually represents a sample of College Students and their fitness routines. Specifically, it represents the relationship between the type of workouts with the time period of workouts and the frequency of these workouts.

How we built it

We created a simple Google Survey, and shared the link with our college aged friends in order to get quick but reliable data. Then, we exported the individual responses to Microsoft Excel, and processed the data to break it down by time period, frequency, and type of workouts. This data was then graphed, alongside the original data, to create a comprehensive visual representation of the survey outcome. Consequently, we took these graphs to Photoshop to arrange them in a pleasant and simple manner that visually gets the main point across.

Challenges we ran into

A majority of the challenges came from the conception stage. There were a lot of routes we could head down in addition to our efficient imagination, thinking of ideas that sound amazing, but then realising that we honestly have no way to actually accomplish this. Additionally, the data analysis was a rough road because we aggregated the results incorrectly in the manner that there was no way to compare data sets visually with the current information.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the overall effect and considering that I am a first time attendee of a Hackathon, and my partner only has gone once before. Furthermore, we are proud with our ability to collect live data rather then data sets that could have been years old.

What we learned

We learned how to conduct a research based survey and how to use that information for data comprehension. Additionally, we learned how to use Excel to not only make the graphs but organise and analyse the data faster and more accurately that we could.

What's next for 'Crunch'ing the Numbers for College Fitness

'Crunch'ing the Numbers for College Fitness next be step to become a web interface that allows client to server interaction, allowing even further exploration of the data. In addition to adding exciting and useful tricks, the future program will allow for the user to compare different data sets in hopes to see different correlations from multiple perspectives, and allow the user to save these graphs for later use.

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