The basic idea is to mine technical terminologies from speech or text and summarize them for better understanding. The two major modules used are voice recognition and data extraction.

Inspiration: Intend to capture the entire essence of a speech without missing out on specifics and to compensate habitual forgetfulness. Make up for the short attention span

Target Audience: Students. People needing more insight on lectures and seminars.


  • extraction of technical terms on the fly.
  • summarize search hits into one passage of definition and details.
  • personalized based on need of user. option for preferred sites for data extraction.
  • the summarized data is processed and stored in database
  • retrieval is easy since process does not run each time
  • history of previously searched element

Future Enhancements

  • social request and share
  • session match with online content
  • multi-tab view on preferred search hits
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