We were inspired to create Cruising Across Canada when reflecting on our own travels across Canada. All three of us are from Ontario, but we have been fortunate enough to travel across Canada and experience its beauty and culture firsthand. Tabitha actually attended the Shad Program at the University of Calgary in 2019 and fondly remembers doing on day trips to Banff, Downtown Calgary, and Drumheller.

What it does

  • It's an interactive trivia game that brings you across Canada, through all the provinces and territories!
  • At every stop, you get to answer a trivia question about the region you've just entered
  • At each new location, you're presented with a watercolour map and an introduction to notable attractions or people

How we built it

  • Cruising Across Canada was built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • It was deployed through
  • All version control was done through Github

Challenges we ran into

  • "window.location.replace"
  • Keeping track of all the HTML files we created
  • Linking all the pages together

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Successfully helping Nicholas navigate his first Hackathon!
  • The UI/UX and overall ~aesthetic~ of our game
  • How well we worked together and how supportive we were of each other

What we learned

  • How to use Web Storage API
  • How to create websites from scratch
  • How to handle frustrating debugging moments

What's next for Cruising Across Canada

  • Adding more trivia questions for each province
  • Expanding our road trip!

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