There are many problems within the world of advertising. Consumers have no control over their personal data, ads that are intrusive, irrelevant and forced upon them. On top of that brands waste billions every year on ads that don't reach their audience. The advertising world should be more fun, privacy driven, engaging, rewarding and transparent, for both brands and consumers. All this together, is where the Crowny team members found inspiration to create the advertising world in a more enjoyable experience.

At Crowny we believe in building a better world where consumers are in control through the power of decentralization. With the Crowny app, consumers earn rewards and discounts from their favorite brands while being fully in control of what, when and the amount of content they receive.

What it does

Our app serves as a filter for consumers. By giving the opportunity to subscribe to loyalty programs of their favorite brands, consumers can make their own selection of brands that are allowed to reach out to them. Brands can choose from various mechanisms to reach out to consumers. These mechanisms include push notifications, geofences and microtasks. This leads to more interaction between the brand-consumer relationship, closing the gap between brand and consumer, resulting in higher conversion rates.

The interaction between brand and consumer is stimulated through offering rewards and more fun. At Crowny we believe that the consumer should be rewarded for every interaction they have with a brand. This means that whenever our Crowny App users receive and interact with content from their favorite brand, they will not only receive relevant offers and discounts but also get rewarded in both $CRWNY tokens and brand-specific Loyalty Points.

Loyalty points received from a brand can be used to purchase items through the in-app store. These items can be products, discount codes, access to events, etcetera. We are working on the ability to mint a company-branded NFT through spending Loyalty Points. But in the end, the brands themselves decide what they will put up for sale. Only interesting rewards and/or content will lead to more subscribers, more reach, more interaction and more conversion, so it is in the brand’s best interest to perform well on both content and rewards.

How we built it

A portal for business users, a mobile app for consumers, crypto and loyalty points built on the Solana blockchain, NFTs, content distribution, privacy, the Crowny platform deals with all those aspects. And we created all of them with our own driven and adept team. Where we lacked knowledge, we gained experience from people who did know, by making contacts through our advisors and their network. After frequent consultations, feedback after feedback, prototyping different solutions, we found the right architecture, look and feel, as well as Solana - the perfect blockchain to develop the desired functionality for Crowny.

Challenges we ran into

Building a new platform always comes with challenges. Bringing two large groups together, consumers and brands, quickly leads to a typical chicken-and-egg problem. Why would a brand want to use a platform with a small number of consumers? Why would a consumer want to use a platform without favorite brands that would reward them? In addition, we immediately needed a platform in which an app, portal, content delivery, crypto rewards and loyalty points come together. Many people thought we were crazy, but that’s when the best ideas are built into real businesses. We came to the conclusion that the loyalty points system would be our solution. A system made possible by Solana that allowed us to deliver a low-cost tool to brands in both large and small businesses to deploy to their own customers. Brands that would thereby bring us the users that the platform needs, by letting them subscribe to the Crowny platform, and thus without breaching their privacy.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have already accomplished a lot of things that we are very proud of. From our ideas, the bootstrapping of our company and the expansion of our team, we have come to a structured organization, an achievement in itself. During that time, we have built a network of advisors and relationships that have given us a lot of support in building our community (our biggest asset) and making the right choices and executing the work that resulted from those choices. With that, we got to know Solana and were able to witness the exciting moment of listing on AscendEX. And now we are on the eve of the migration to Solana and the release of our platform, consisting of the Crowny app and portal, making the rewards and loyalties platform a reality.

What we learned

Trust the judgment of your skilled team, communicate with your community, don’t be afraid to ask questions or to make mistakes, and NEVER give up on your idea.

What's next for Crowny

The real journey is about to begin for the Crowny platform. The next step for Crowny is the migration to Solana. Afterwards we will launch the App and Portal in November. After that, we will focus on the overall growth of the user base and affiliated brands and partner up with Solana ecosystem brands and SME’s from the traditional space. Our aim is to bring as many new users into our application, and make them become part of the Solana ecosystem. We can achieve these goals by focusing on partnerships within the Solana ecosystem, combined with a focus on SMEs, where we start with SMEs in the Netherlands. The next steps include implementing additional planned functionalities and offering a white label solution for brands, creating the possibility to convert entire user bases directly.

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