ALL the community groups (i.e. grassroots), manufacturers, communities and governments around the World are working hard to fight COVID-19 ;making/ordering material to fight COVID-19 and volunteering. All the hospitals and family's that are losing people to the virus, the people that are in trouble financially. This APP is for them, it's for now, and it's for the future we are building together #beyondCOVID. Hospitals and communities need one platform to connect them easily for wants and needs of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Medical Supplies (MS), end the confusion and the double calls and the extra labour and lives lost! This is the least we can do

What it does

The Web App allows for producers to input production of Medical Supplies (large and small) and quality (the standard). It allows for users who need product (like hospitals, long-term care homes, shelters, etc...) to input their stock of the products and their use per day (to determine needs). CROWN INTERNATIONAL optimizes for the manufacturers for most needed (through our algorithm, it also allows for hospitals that have low use to ship products to hospitals with high use - between countries and within countries and all around the World. It is well suited for regional management of supply with influx from large manufacturers that may be further away.

How we built it

React Front End, jhipster, and java on the back-end. UX and UI mock ups in various mock up software's and programs including Figma. Mongodb database.

Challenges we ran into

UX and UI tying into the back-end, having data that is open and exchanging with current data in the market place and other APIs. The algorithm has been difficult and needs further work. Integration with

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building the website and team so far. Our MVP is done! That is works is great - and all the new ideas and business ideas we have moving forward are very exciting. LIke the new data display and mobile mode which we ideated!

What we learned

To find great people and work with them, their investment in the project! Keep going! Takes work!


Getting data input and users using the software.Getting funding!

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