Our track and swim coaches inspired us to create an automatic timer to use for races, time trials, or just to practice. It seemed out of reach at first, but we came to realize that this project was doable.

What it does

The sensor from the raspberry pie sends a signal to the timer to record the time it is at when it senses motion.

How I built it

We used java and java swing to make a visual interface. Furthermore, we used a raspberry pi to connect the sensor.

Challenges I ran into

The raspberry pi did not have something to configure the graphics, so we were not able to do a full test run.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is the beginning of our third year of coding, and we were productive and almost finished the entire project with minor improvements.

What I learned

We've learned more about the raspberry pi, how to focus on our work and stick to our schedule, and how to efficiently divide up the work.

What's next for CrowdWatch

We want to add sensors that can sense light so that it can automatically stop the time for each person instead of the user having to match it.

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