CrowdViz is an iOS app that unites blind people with volunteers. This app acts as a medium between sighted and non-sighted users. Blind users can receive immediate sighted assistance by connecting to a volunteer anywhere around the world and it is as easy as a click of a single button. The video connection is possible via FaceTime. CrowdViz also enables blind users to rate their volunteers, so that we can sustain a high quality volunteer pool.

This app can truly be substantially useful to people with disabilities. It enables people anywhere in the world to help those in need. What really excites us about this idea is that it can be easily expandable to help many types of people with disabilities. For example, the same way that we can provide blind people with sighted assistance, we just as easily can connect deaf people with sign language able individuals. Even people for example with Dyslexia can easily leverage this app if they are having trouble reading a given word or phrase. We can take the idea one step further and acknowledge the idea that this app can even be beneficial to the ones providing the assistance. For example, recently wounded or physically disabled veterans can feel a restored sense of purpose when they are able to assist people around the world from the foot of their hospital bed. It really can be dramatically useful in so many ways!

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