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The Jumbotron puts baseball fans in the center of the action! But the big screen can highlight only a few members of the crowd at a time. What if instead, everyone in the stands had their own screen that made them part of the experience?


Crowdtron is an immersive experience that links your phone to every fan in the stadium. First, you can sign up and scan your ticket:

Crowdtron picks up the seat number linked to your barcode.

All your friends in your row have their phones linked too. And suddenly you get a push notification: Crowdtron is starting!

Watch from a distance as everyone in the audience becomes part of the display!

Crowdtron has the potential for bringing in baseball fans like never before. Think of being able to pick your favorite team and seeing which half of the audience is supporting them with you. Or being able to spot who in the audience—down to their section, row, and seat number—is the best at baseball trivia. Or even a kiss cam selfie?

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