CROWN-Northern Lights

(2 Teams combined to form tech - CROWN and Northern Lights -- CROWN has the back end database with react and jhipster, Northern Lights is the front end - you will see both the github code and the project northern lights to give details as to what has been completed to date and get a sense of the functionality)

Crowdsourced Network for Disaster Relief (CROWN)

Disasters happen fast and they take us by surprise. They overflow society’s capacity to cope (to produce, distribute and allocate resources) by creating instant unforeseen demands and production/distribution failures with a wide range of variability at a global and local level. (Often the resources to aid these new demands are around, but are unnoticed and/or uncoordinated.) Humanitarian efforts to relief catastrophe often are wide and plenty, yet lack information of what and where and how fast is needed. Trucks full of produce spoil while people nearby suffer hunger. Masks remain unused in closed laboratories while doctors nearby have to treat patients without protection. Donations are wasted on less critical needs or fail to provide the relief they hope to cover since normal manufacturers/ distributors simply can’t comply with the surge in demand.

Quick adaptation to these demands is an essential need.

This is why we are building CROWN, an scalable, dynamic and relational open-source database to quickly create and keep updated local area networks on resource supply and demand. Crown will be made to organize resources during the COVID-19 pandemic but with the flexibility to be used in alternate disaster relief scenarios: earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, etc.

Key Features:

  • Demand-driven supply (supplier inputs location and possible distribution radius and gets a list of locally needed items)
  • Dynamically updated stock (stock gets updated in all ends of the supplier receiver network instantaneously)


It's an Angular/spring/mongodb stack, with the base framework generated with jHipster. Currently the front-end is just a CRUD for data entry, but we need something nicer to do anything useful. We also want to implement a search engine (probably elastic search) to find the optimum suppliers for a given request.


We have developed a web based application and are connecting suppliers with hospitals based on their needs. Suppliers can be any supplier, or me and you making masks in our basement. We are doing this on a map based GIS web platform. The data is easy to input and easy to understand via visually pleasing maps and data representing flow of goods. The game of no lives lost and minimizing COVID-19s impact - particularly as it relates to supply and personnel shortages, is highlighted through data that gamifies a solution, rather than the problem. Hospitals input their needs and same with community members and large suppliers/manufacturers. We match with a needs and location based algorithm for a quick community/supplier response as the crisis progresses; having goods meet needs quickly and in the most effective way possible. The higher the crisis escalates with shortages, the more useful our app will become to move supplies, ventilators and personnel, etc... around Toronto, Ontario, Canada and North America as the virus spreads and needs pop up locally/regionally/nationally/internationally quickly.

We are working on machine learning and AI to scrape data automatically.

We are team of 11 developers and 20 volunteers enabling capacity for Canadians and for humanity.

Call first before visiting.

Currently the software is working on V1 (starred), other functionality is expected development 2-4. *1. Hospital supply and demand for products

  1. Community needs and offerings for Canadians to support each other
  2. Gig economy employment for Humanitarian use - for jobs - for delivery - to serve the most vulnerable and take care of the WHOLE community
  3. The movement of medical personnel

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