Currently, much of the testing information is provided through local health providers and governments. The test center information is rather hard to find for people who may not be familiar with the local area(new residents, business travelers, etc). The information can be better crowd sourced with people on the internet who may have better access to this information and share them through a socially connected map.

What it does

On an interactive map, allow users to suggest test center locations, search by zip code and check-in at testing centers.

How I built it

The app is built with Mithril, Leaflet and Mapbox's geocoding API.

Challenges I ran into

Initially I thought I could avoid backend integration by using Google Forms and Google sheets to crowd-source the information. However, in order to implement check-in feature, some database or additional social network APIs may be required. There also needs additional measures to minimize false information sharing.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to build a working interactive SPA prototype quickly. The TimeSeries Map visualization worked very smoothly. We were also able to customize map markers and test center information displays to work in a more mobile friendly way.

What I learned

Even finding sample test center data is still difficult.

What's next for Crowdsourced Covid-19 Testing Center Map

Backend integration and more API integration work is needed in order for it to launch.

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