What it does

Crowdsource3D allows people without 3D printers to connect with those who have 3D printers. For those without 3D printers, this is very useful because they can get their parts printed without buying a 3D printer, and it will be cheaper than 3D printing services. For those with 3D printers, this is a great opportunity to earn money by selling 3D prints.

How I built it

For the backend, I used Deno, Typescript, and Postgres SQL. For the frontend, I used vanilla HTML and Javascript.

What's next for Crowdsource3D

In the future, I'd like to improve Crowdsource3D into a real web app. I'd like to improve the frontend to make it look presentable and I'd like to improve the backend to make it more secure. I would also like to make a more automated workflow for vendors, like having a desktop client that will automatically print requested parts.

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