Because a lot of places are still in quarantine, donation drives are difficult to organize despite being needed the most. Many people are willing to donate during this coronavirus pandemic but don’t have an easy way to do so.

What it does

Crowdsource COVID allows donors to list useful items for those in need. Users can claim items listed by users, which will then provide contact details between them.

How I built it

We built it using a MERN stack of Mongoose, Express, React, and Node.js

Challenges I ran into

We have issues with some Javascript moments (things like the keyword this being changed if we were using arrow opeartors). Overall, though, we managed to soar past them.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We've proud of the API we created along with the visually appealing frontend.

What I learned

We learned how to work as a team on a project and come up with an idea on the fly.

What's next for Crowdsource Covid

We are planning to add custom image uploads for the avatars, along with some nice stylistic changes.

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