Our greatest inspiration came from the fact that it is very important to be aware of our surroundings. And what better way can there be to get informed about our surroundings than receiving real-time information provided by the people who see/experience it live.

What it does

CrowdSource is an android app and a web service, it provides real-time information regarding different events to the user along with the address of the location. Similarly, its unique feature is that it utilizes the geolocation of the app user and provides push notifications to users about the events happening under the radius of 10 miles.

Just imagine a scenario where you are walking through a certain area and sudden hear a gunshot from somewhere. Firstly, you would try to keep yourself safe and escape from that area. Then, you can quickly access the CrowdSource app and by just speaking about the scenario you can inform other app users and report about the event. Depending on the text analytics and Google’s geolocation, the app pins the location of the event and informs the audience. Also, it has an additional feature to tag photos as well. This way it not just creates public awareness but can actually help save lives and reduce any sort of casualties.

This app can be used to report any kind of event from an accident to a music concert or even a hackathon event. It is all about public awareness. You get the latest news happening-in near your location faster than CNN, FOX News or any other media. All that is required is just your voice or some descriptions. The data of the user is completely anonymous. Also, there is an option to report on an fake events.

How I built it

  • Our team used 2 Microsoft APIs (Cognitive Service Intelligent Service, Text Analytics), 2 Google APIs (Google Map and Geolocation API) and 2 Microsoft services (Microsoft Azure and Bot Framework). In addition, we also we used MongoDB.
  • The programming languages used for the creation of android app and web service are Java, Javascript, HTML CSS, and Python.

Challenges I ran into

  • A challenging part for us was to integrate the speech recognition with real-time notification providing fast push notifications to app users around 10 miles.
  • Making pull and push requests to the Azure Cloud Server for user location
  • Converting Voice to text and pushing the message as a string part of the rest of the dictionary was confusing as had to deal with numerous bugs.

Delightful Accomplishments

  • Understanding the complexity behind Speech Recognition.
  • Unifying different Google and Microsoft APIs to build an integrated app and web service.
  • Developing an application/service that uses Real-time notification.
  • Use technology to help make world a better place.

What We learned

  • Projecting ideas and efficiency in a time-framed environment

What's next for CrowdSource

  • Adding support for wearable technologies.
  • Displaying more information for places, such as reviews and ratings.
  • Adding multiple language support for foreign users.
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