Every time we sit in a bar, we are unhappy with the music. Either it's too loud and we can't hear our conversation partners, or they play the same song over and over again. When they finally play something to jam to, the music is too quiet.

What it does

Our solution gives the visitors the possibility to influence the music, depending on their taste of music. It allows them to give feedback on how content they are with the volume and choice of music. A voting system aggregates the data, and modifies the playlist and playback volume accordingly.

How we built it

Andi did it in the morning with Node.JS hosted on Azure and the data is stored in a mongoDB. It is a webapp aimed at mobile devices. Our app is triggered by bluetooth beacons, making anyone with a bluetooth enabled smartphone capable of interacting with it.

Challenges we ran into

Andi was lazy on Friday, the Maxdome API didn't work, or we could have served ads, you know, and made money?

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The user Interface and how easy it is to use (no installation, no hassle)

What we learned

We never worked with the Spotify API. It was impossible to combine different APIs from the other HackATUM supporters with our idea (Pro7). Feels bad.

What's next for CrowdSound

Sound matching of the playlists from the people in the bar based on AI, automatic volume setting. We could also suggest spots at the location which better suit your music preferences. It would also be possible to engage users which felt the same about music.

Technical Limitations

Right now, for testing purposes, we are working with one fixed spotify account, if you sponsor us, we can make it work for you.

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