Starting off with a local example, in 2012, more than 7500 large public gatherings took place in Hong Kong. As a result, the government has poured large amount of money and manpower to ensure public safety and welfare. However, manually overlooking all these gatherings places a sizable burden on the government’s budget and dumping raw manpower resources into such efforts is an approach that will not scale.

What it does

CrowdWatch is a machine learning crowd management platform made to inform event organizers and government services about large scale crowd behaviour ahead of time

How we built it

To address these constraints, we’ve come up with a more efficient solution for monitoring behaviour at large gatherings that also gives predictions on abnormal behaviour such as violence or crowd crushes.

Challenges we ran into

-How to measure the Risk -Privacy

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Crowdwatch

Built With

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