Most of the governments were way too slow to react during this pandemic crisis. Unfortunately, precious time and lives were irreversibly lost. These things could be prevented if we were not dependent on politicians.

What it does

We are building a test platform that will model social and inter-human behavior.

How we built it

Initially, it will be a web based system that gradually will become distributed. As of now we will concentrate for the most part on social aspects of the framework.

Challenges we ran into

This field is completely new and we expect a lot of challenges of different nature. It is crucial for this project to have open and transparent communication between participants.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our mind is not fixed and we constantly challenge the status quo.

What we learned

We know that we are at the very beginning of a long but very interesting journey.

What's next for Crowdocracy

Inspire individuals and build initial community around this vision.

Built With

  • community
  • crowd
  • opensource
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