Have you ever reached that stage in life where you were traumatized and needed someone to talk to? Have you ever experienced an unbearable boredom so much so that you felt dejected!?

As human as we , such happenings transpire if not all , sometimes.. It is in this vein that a solicitude App( CrowdLife) that is concerned with your welfare has been created to curb your boredom by expressing your feelings and having chitchats with friends ..

Depression kills easily, the App is in to help you share your mood and state which would receive comments from friends, people you may not have bumped into before, etc.. These comments can revive your psychological being as individual.... This is so because it is believed no man is island, we all need one another , and this is exactly what the app is in to effect ...

What it does

The app brings socialization first based on human interest. And as the name says CrowdLife, being an app to bring people together in order to contribute to each others live. People can express, ask questions, have fun and hangout together

How I built it

I used Ionic to build for all the platforms. Firebase was used for authentication with the Facebook Login Product, realtime cloud database, cloud messaging and many more. I also used a couple of Google API's such as Maps, Places for location geo-coding, maps, location tracker and search for nearby Places

Challenges I ran into

Integrating realtime location tracking with Google Maps and using the native geolocation plugin to watch user position

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to build the app in few weeks alone and bring people together

What I learned

How to use Firebase, Facebook Login Product, Google Maps API and others

What's next for CrowdLife

Add location-messaging feature and more socialization features

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