We were inspired by the many "Twitch Plays" channels on the video-gaming stream website. People were at times cooperative, at times competitive, and at times chaotic. However, no matter how slow, progress was always being made, and whether in playing Pokemon or installing Linux, most of the channels met with (eventual) success.

What it does

Relying on the wisdom of the crowd, Crowd Invest lets anyone, anywhere have a say in the management of this portfolio.

How we built it

We built our back-end on Microsoft Azure with Flask and used a SQLite database. Various command input points were provided with the Twilio, Prompt, and APIs. Front-end was done with d3, jQuery, js, HTML, and CSS.

Challenges we ran into

Differences between our local machines and the webserver resulted in different performance of the site. At times, the local version would perform perfectly well, even though the server would sometimes not run the program at all due to a differing time format, and vice versa. Another challenge was our unfamiliarity with the tools we wanted to use, though this was exciting as well! We were all new to Twilio and Prompt, and while we had used Twitch, working with all of these APIs were great and novel experiences.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of getting everything up and running! Our users can access and interact with our site from a variety of different sources.

What we learned

Postman is awesome. Memory is small. Garbage collection is very important. Git may be the single most useful collaboration tool in the history of collaborative tools. Also, having two Kevins in a team is confusing and entertaining for the whole party :D.

What's next for CrowdInvest

Currently, our app is not based on real money. If it proves successful, we may decide to change that ;).

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