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Whether at parties, conferences, or meetings, we often need to generate music that a large group of people will like. We'd prefer to be able to do this without explicitly requiring the user to specify songs (as we can do in a collaborative playlist, for instance), instead automatically fetching the user's song preferences which already exist in their Spotify account.

What it does

It generates a link that the organizer can share with the guests and allows them to login with their Spotify credentials only and automatically saves their preferences. We don't store any personal information.

How we built it

We integrated seamless OAuth 2.0 authentication which allows organizers and guests one-click access to our app. With a carefully tuned and tailored algorithm for analyzing your audiences´ musical preferences, the app automatically creates and populates playlists on your Spotify account specially curated for your event.

Built using Node on a JS stack, and deployed in the cloud, our solution scales to meet the demand of any event.

Challenges we ran into

Authentication is hard. Sessions are hard too. Deployment is also hard. Getting database schemas in order. Tuning algorithm to give the most relevant matches.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a fully functional app at the end of 24 hours that is poses a solution to a real-life challenge. We´ve overcome all our challenges

What we learned

Rapid prototyping on a Javascript stack, user experience and responsive apps. Spotify API and information retrieval.

What's next for Crowdify

We are excited to work with event organizers (especially hackathons) to bring personalized entertainment to your event!

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