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What it does

You buy a gift for your friend. You create a new delivery on the Crowdgift website, with the cost depending on distance and a few other factors. You enter the date, time, pickup and delivery locations. The web application makes the delivery route and divides it automatically among a chain of people. Each person in the chain adds a personal message or small gift to the package, with the last person hand-delivering the end product to your friend, creating a much more meaningful and unique gift, while also eliminating the need for commercial shipping. Each delivery person claims a small reward, the size of which depends on the quality of their communication, speed and attention to detail.

How I built it

Idea: Our brain Frontend: Vue.js Serverside: Amazon Web Services

Challenges I ran into

I took time to choose an idea I thought again and again about idea I had to give up to realize several functions Making the concept easy to understand

Accomplishments that I’m proud of

It is different from existing services It’s the first of its kind It adds more value to Gifts It will bring a community closer together It avoids commercial shipping We might finish on time

What I learned

Programming skills are very important to contribute We can be a good team even we just met in Junction 必要のない機能を外してシンプルにすることの大事さ 思っていた以上に時間が足りなかった

What’s next for “YOUR PROJECT”

Real world testing If it works well, we can start

Built With

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