Proof of concept from an idea in our Travel Agency.

How it Works

  1. The user creates a funding webpage for a travel purpose, and sends invitation by social media and/or URL to friends and family to contribute

  2. The Contributers access the funding webpage in order to donate money for a travel gift

  3. Once the contribution has been done, the contributors name and the amount will be shown in a list on the funding webpage. There is an interactive map which will be updated with pins, showing to which destinations the contributed amount will cover airline tickets (according to the specifications made when the funding webpage was created – departure and returning dates and origin). Mouseover on each pin in the map will show destination name, and the lowest price for the airline ticket(s)..

Challenges I ran into

Webdevelpment has been a challenge for our team which only consits of back-end developers.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That we actully managed to have a working prototype for proof of concept.

What I learned

We are impressed by the Destination Finder and the Low Fare API's hope we can use them to develop our online solutions further.

What's next for CrowdGift

When we get home, we hope we can take this further:

  • When the user clicks on a pin in the map, the availability display will appear and the booking can be made by using our online booking tool

When they start travelling, we will offer a travel blog to share with the contributors. If possible, we would use the TripCase api to follow them around the world.

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