The inspiration behind CrowdFund3 stems from the desire to solve real-world problems associated with traditional crowdfunding and donation platforms. By leveraging the concept of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and the power of blockchain technology, CrowdFund3 aims to bridge the gap between the real world and the web3 world, providing a more efficient and secure way to raise funds, support creators, and making donations using Filecoin Virtual Machine.

What it does

CrowdFund3 is a decentralized crowdfunding ecosystem for raising funds, supporting creators, and making donations to support needy people and non-profit organizations built on Filecoin Network. It enables projects, creators, and non-profit organizations to seamlessly raise funds and receive support from the community. The platform allows verified projects to be listed for funding, offers creators the opportunity to raise funds for their new work, and facilitates donations to verified non-profit organizations. Contributors, supporters, and donors receive unique project-related NFTs as a reward for their contributions, which can be verified on the blockchain after the completion of the funding round.

Users can directly send messages to the Campaign owner using Axelar 2 Way GMP Calls. Firstly I have implemented GMP using Binance and Filecoin chain. But later I changed the configuration to the same network which means both of the contacts on the same chain (FVM) can send 2-way communication messages to each other. It provides the functionality to the user to ask anything to the Campaign owner about the project.

Another interesting feature of CrowdFund3 is that users can also support the campaign from other chains also. Here, i have implemented the Axelor Send Token Feature to send Ether from the Ethereum Goerli chain to user wallet in Filecoin Chain. Using this feature any user who don't have FIL token can also support the Campaign using Ethereum Chain.

Core Objectives & Features -

  • 🔗 Connect: We bridge the gap between the real world and the web3 world by enabling projects, creators, and non-profit organizations to get funds and support seamlessly. We also providing multi-chain support and allows users without FIL tokens to support the Campaign using the Ethereum Chain.
  • 🙏 Support: We aim to support real-world projects by leveraging Blockchain at its core. CrowdFund3 is providing a much better approach to solving crowdfunding and donation platform problems that exist in current web2 platforms.
  • 💵 Reward: CrowdFund3 provides a new way of raising funds. Everyone who funds, support, or donates via CrowdFund3 will get a unique project-related NFT for their contribution that can be verified on-chain. These NFTs will be transferred to users later once funding for the project is completed. We also support the cross-chain transfer of our NFTs using Axelor NFT Cross chain feature
  • 🔔 Update: With the help of EPNS and CrowdFund3 DAO, users are notified whenever there is any update from the project, creators, or organizations after they got funding. (to be implemented).
  • 🎯GOAL: Our Ultimate Goal is to connect & support people using blockchain in such a way that they can leverage the technology and bring some positive changes in the world.

Main features

  • It has the potential to bring the next wave of users to the blockchain, making web3 stronger than ever.
  • For Projects - Verified Projects by DAO will be listed on the platform to raise funds. NFTs will be distributed to every project funder. Later when the project earns profit, there will be a distribution of profit on basis of NFT type to all project funders.
  • For Creators - Verified Creators can raise funds for their new work like releasing a new song, a short movie on Youtube, etc, and get initial support from their supporters through CrowdFund3. Later creator will share part of their profit or exclusive access to all of the supporters who bought Supporter NFT.
  • For Donations - It is our initiative to support a non-profit organization in creating a real impact in the world by using the power of decentralization. Using CrowdFund3, you can support and help verified non-profit organizations. Every donator will get a unique NFT for their donation.
  • Our Donation platform solves the issue of making donations in a secure and trustless way. It provides an opportunity for donators to make donations by being completely anonymous but on the other hand they can prove to someone that they have donated to this organization by showing their NFTs and on-chain transactions.
  • Axelar 2-Way GMP Calls: Users can directly send messages to the Campaign owner using this feature, allowing for two-way communication between users and campaign owners on the same chain (FVM). Users have the functionality to ask questions and communicate with the Campaign owner about the project.
  • Polybase Profile Creation - Every user on CrowdFund3 have the functionality to create their profile based on their wallet address. This data will be stored on the Polybase database and we can automatically read this data when user wallet gets connected to the application again. *Cross-chain support: Allows users without FIL tokens to support the Campaign using the Ethereum Chain using Axelor Cross-chain token transfer.

How I built it

CrowdFund3 is built on the Filecoin Network using React js and Tailwind CSS for frontend. The project integrates with Axelar, a cross-chain communication protocol. Axelar enables two-way communication between users and the Campaign owner, facilitating direct messaging and interaction within the ecosystem.CrowdFund3 incorporates the Axelor Send Token feature, enabling users to support the campaign from other chains. Specifically, users can send Ether from the Ethereum Goerli chain to their wallet in the Filecoin Chain, expanding the accessibility and reach of the platform.

Challenges I ran into

During the development of the CrowdFund3 project, several challenges were encountered. These challenges included:

  • Smart Contract Development: Designing and implementing secure and efficient smart contracts on the Filecoin Testnet presented technical complexities. Ensuring the contracts functioned correctly, were properly optimized, and adhered to best practices required careful consideration and testing.

  • Polybase Data Fetching : I have faced issues in implementing Polybase at first like writing data to the database, creating a public key signature for verification and displaying fetched information from database but later i have solved them.

  • Integration with Axelar: Integrating the Axelar protocol for cross-chain communication posed challenges in terms of compatibility and ensuring seamless interaction between different chains. Overcoming technical hurdles and ensuring proper communication between users and the Campaign owner required thorough testing and troubleshooting.

  • Interoperability with Different Chains: Enabling support for users to interact with the CrowdFund3 platform from multiple chains, such as Ethereum and Filecoin, required addressing interoperability challenges. Ensuring seamless token transfers, cross-chain communication, and compatibility between different blockchain networks required careful integration and testing.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud to have developed CrowdFund3, an innovative decentralized ecosystem that addresses the limitations of traditional crowdfunding and donation platforms. The successful completion of the MVP in the hackathon timeframe.

What I learned

Learned lots things about development and filecoin. Got to know a lot about Axelor and Polybase.

What's next for CrowdFund3

Moving forward, we have exciting plans for CrowdFund3. We aim to enhance the platform by expanding its user base, attracting more projects, creators, and donors to leverage the power of blockchain for positive change. We will continue to improve the user experience, strengthen security measures, and explore partnerships with other blockchain networks and services. Additionally, we will listen to user feedback and incorporate new features and functionalities to further enhance the crowdfunding, creator support, and donation experience within the CrowdFund3 ecosystem.

Built With

  • axelor
  • filecoin
  • hardhat
  • ipfs
  • metamask
  • polybase
  • react
  • remix
  • solidity
  • tailwindcss
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