We can easily find lots of information from online service to schedule our daily activities. But it is not enough, we still miss one more thing. We cannot estimate how much time we need to find a seat in our favorite restaurant, especially during lunch and dinner time. So far, there is no an easy solution for this problem.

What it does

We hack this problem by using crowdsourcing.

  • We build an iOS app, CrowdFood, which allow users to submit real time information about how many customers is waiting in the line and how much time is estimated to get served. This valuable information can be viewed by other users who want to visit the same restaurant.
  • We also build a web version of our app to let users without smart phone access the timing information.
  • We have fully back-end supported by RESTful APIs deployed on Bluemix. We use MongoDB to store all the data.

How I built it

  • Xcode7.0, Swift 2.0
  • node.js
  • Mongodb
  • express.js
  • cloudfoundry
  • Google Map API
  • Bluemix
  • RESTful API
  • Cloudinary

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are so surprised by ourselves that we could accomplish so many work in less than 24 hours. We also appreciated HackNC a lot for giving us such an excellent opportunity to improve ourselves and broaden horizons. And most importantly, we hope the app we develop could benefit many others in the near future.

What's next for CrowdFood

We would like to release our app "CrowdFood" in App Store. Please check our demo with audio here and our webapp.

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