There have been countless scenarios where we have witnessed poor infrastructure and damage to the city causing significant grief and problems for the citizens. Personally, we have both witnessed and been a part of incidents where, for example, a lack of a stop sign, damage to a road, and other issues have resulted in not only a poorer quality of life for individuals involved, but also posed a serious risk to their health. The idea then is that we as a society can work together to both identify and notify public officials by keeping track of and promoting such instances of damage to our cities.

What it does

The app, built for cross-platform functionality, does the following: it allows a crowd-sourcing of notification of events on a map of the local area so that others can be notified and steps can be taken to rectify the situation. The app allows users to post these events/problems and categorize them and allows other users to see these events and rate them based on their importance. The idea is that this would allow city officials to gain insight into the problems plaguing their community as well as let citizens know what areas to avoid.

How we built it

We used Google's recently released Flutter, built on the programming language Dart as well as Google Maps' API and Google's Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

A number of challenges we faced had to do with learning this new technology and dealing with a lack of significant documentation that exists for doing many tasks.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We implemented the Google Maps API and interfaced with Firebase allowing us to retrieve and interact with data dynamically as well as portray it by accessing the cloud.

What we learned

We learned a lot about mobile development and specifically mobile app development with Flutter and Google's APIs.

What's next for CrowdFix

We plan to finish implementing the core features as well as improving the over all core user experience. Beyond that, we would like to incorporate in a real-life setting, ideally with local government agencies.

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