Crowdfunding is hot and everybody likes free stuff. Instead of buying your new outfit, publish it on CrowdFit and share it with your friends and the rest of the world. Anybody who buys your outfit will help you get your outfit for free.

CrowdFit uses the Zalando API to search for awesome products. After finishing and sharing your outfit, anybody who clicks a link to a product in the Zalando webshop will be redirected through an affiliate link using the LinkPizza API. When someone buys a product, or the entire outfit, affiliate commissions will be collected by CrowdFit. The progress of your outfit’s ‘crowdfunding’ campaign is visible on your public outfit showcase. After reaching the order price in affiliate commissions, we will notify you using an SMS notification. You can then leave your address details so we can order the outfit for you.

APIs used

  • Create an outfit using products retrieved from the Zalando API
  • Receive an SMS notification when your outfit gets 100% funded using the Nexmo API
  • We turn Zalando product links into affiliate links using the LinkPizza API

Built With

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