My friends are always asking about the most reliable set of coins and THEN! we argue about it. Now I can take a stake and profit from my wisdom or suffer from my folly through Crowdex - a social, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency indexing and prediction marketplace.

What it does

Crowdex is a social cryptocurrency-index platform that allows users to: (1) create cryptocurrency indices and to stake their confidence in the form of Ether (2) Share their reasoning and research (3) Set a "performance call-date" (4) Allow others to take a counter position on the performance of such index

How we built it

We used Blockstack Authentication and Gaia storage to store user profile information such as followers, indices and performance

We use ChainPoint for proof-of-existence of "research documents" such as written articles, reports or URL. In essence allowing other users to challenge their indices or inquiry on how they came up with such index.

We run on Ethereum. We developed our betting smart contract using Solidity. We use Truffle, Web3 for developing the front-end app, and Ganache for deploying test network.

Built With

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Irvin Cardenas, Matthew Voss, and Ming Hong are founders of the blockchain Startup Company, Cointegra. Cointegra is building a cutting-edge decentralized data and data services collaboration platform that employs blockchain for provenance and exchange of data products. We are located at Columbia Startup Lab, 69 Charlton Street, New York, NY 10014.

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