Through Crowded Clean Cloud, people from all over the world can join in cloud funding. People create communities by sharing interesting funding or by inviting them to a funding page. We wanted to solve the problem, which is why cloud funding is confined to one country. To do this we decided to use coins instead of currencies. Members can participate in funding in any country!

What it does

Users can find pages with facebook pages registered with people who have the same interests as themselves, and at the same time, they can see how they are doing their sponsorship by uploading the page. The Facebook page is funded through funding registration as well as sponsorship, which allows you to secure funds and gain a reliable member.   In addition, it coins various monetary units of the world into coins and makes funding easy. There are two ways you can fund, the first is to send your QR code from your coin purse to your wallet. The second can be sponsored through bonus coins that are shared with funding sharing and promotional events.

How we built it

We made it easy for Facebook users to participate in funding by using facebook-login-api and facebook-share-api.

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