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This is our first hackathon and we've never used video-editing software before if you couldn't tell... We are all locked inside right now and the world can almost seem like it is falling apart. Someday, we will be able to return to an approximation of our former lives, but the effects of the recent pandemic will still linger. It will affect small businesses, but it will also affect charities due to the lingering paranoia and widespread introversion. Our app will offer aid in re-stimulating socialization, the economy, and charity. After seeing so many natural disasters in the news lately, especially with people already struggling during COVID-19, we wanted to build something, anything, that could help support the ongoing relief efforts.

What it does:

Crowd.UP is an event managing, hosting, and promoting platform that allows organizations to incentivize attendance of their events by offering tiered rewards based upon overall attendance. These organizations would set clear goals that would both draw in initial clients, but also encourage them to spread the word and draw in their own friends. Those friends draw in their friends and the perpetual marketing commences.

How we built it:

Our team built the application entirely with Flutter, a Dart based application development language. We hosted our project on Github and used Firebase as our backend architecture.


This was our entire team's first Hackathon. In addition, only one of us had any prior experience with Dart and Flutter whatsoever; We were all essentially figuring it out as we went. Those two statements outline our challenge: We faced pressure in an environment we had never been in before with tools we didn’t initially understand. We often found ourselves with problems we couldn’t quite grasp and minimal time to stop and think about it.


We all left our comfort zones and took on a notable challenge, and, while doing so, we quickly learned new skill sets, adapted to a myriad of problems, coordinated with each other, supported one another, and relied on each other's strengths and knowledge. On top of that, each of us stepped up as a leader at some point. We came together with a group synergy that let us accomplish things beyond what the sum of our parts could and grow as programmers.

What’s next for Crowd.UP:

We plan to continue to work on our app and let it grow with us. Crowd.UP has the potential and flexibility for a variety of use cases, but we especially hope to support non-profits and small businesses by incentivizing and supporting altruistic practices and philanthropic work.

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