We discovered that the music industry made decisions based on intuition when promoting artists and record releases. CrowdSense will provide the music industry with predictive capability for artist promotion and record release. Our initial target will be the 16 billion USD record label industry and its artists.

What it does

CrowdSense offers two products 1) tools to collect and analyze offline crowd sentiment data at music events (accelerometer, GSR, applause/cheer meter, floor vibration, CO2) and 2) a data visualization platform to analyze BuzzAngle's existing data from its API.

Challenges we ran into

We combined two teams' ideas into one and engaged offline with online data sets.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built a new team and 2 products!

What we learned

Ideation, formulating a proof of concept and business model, and building products.

What's next for Crowd Sense

Additional offline data collection tools and venue selection for deployment coupled with record label industry partnerships.

Team Members

Jordan Sun - - Student - Yale MBA, 2019 Michelle Wu - - Student - Wellesley 2019 Tony Tirador - - Student - Berklee, 2018 Mitzi Okou - - Student - Savannah College of Art & Design - 2018 Marc Gugliuzza - - Professional - Software Engineer at NYU Stern 2008.

Code repository

This downloads data from the Buzz Angle API, transforms it, and imports it into the dashboard. It also contains the dashboard that visualizes that data.

Demo dashboard

(Search for any of first 250 of the 500 songs provided here (Search by Song Title, case sensitive):

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