PornHub. No really, go look - every video has this little chart right above timeline with "most hot moments" or whatever it shows. I thought it might be quite useful for 6-10 hours long videos full of, well, basically same stuff.

What it does

This little extension for twitch works in two modes:

1 If it runs on stream page it shows current stream audience activity calculated as messages per minute in real-time. 2 If it runs on VOD page it shows past activity on this VOD with the ability to navigate to most interesting parts of the VOD. This was an original idea behind this extension. After I realized that VOD lives maximum for 30 days I added a real-time part.

How I built it

Sadly I was able to join competition only in the last couple of days. I drop my daytime job for a while and gave all my free time to coding. It was quite refreshing.

Challenges I ran into

I am the .net developer and .net and AWS doesn't quite a good together - that what I thought. So far I had zero problems with Lambda and .net core.

What I learned

A lot of about AWS capabilities to host things. It's a great set of services btw. Also, I finally tried serverless and I love it.

What's next for Crowd Pulse for Twitch

I probably should make a couple improvements in UI, use case, make links work and clean a backend. But only if this thing will be needed by anyone, I really don't like pointless things.

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