Crowd Park is a gamified and crowdsourced private and public parking app. We created it to improve the parking experience for drivers and lot owners/cities.

For drivers, parking is a major issue, especially in large cities such as LA. After going through the trouble of finding a spot, drivers then have to deal with payment and timing. Crowd Park addresses both of these issues by offering painless mobile payments for drivers and realtime notifications to alert drivers when their spot is almost expired; with this setup in place, drivers can effortlessly add more time to their spot from their phone and not worry about unwanted parking tickets.

Lot owners and cities need to manage their lots and parking spaces with either parking meters or meter maids, both of which require an upfront and/or ongoing investment. With Crowd Park, lot owners and cities can rely on the power of crowds to enforce parking rules with no investment. Additionally, Crowd Park allows lot owners to change pricing in response to demand: they can raise prices during peak hours and lower prices/repurpose spaces during less busy times.

Crowd Park adds gamification and crowd sourcing components to further drive user engagement. Users are rewarded for finding expired/unpaid parked cars in designated parking zones. With this user-enforcement in place, parking lot owners and cities no longer have to rely on current ineffective or inefficient solutions, such as parking meters and meter maids.

We made Crowd Park for everyone involved in the parking process because we believe that the current solutions do not adequately meet drivers and lot owners/cities' needs. With Crowd Park, we sought to make the parking process more efficient and fun!

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