This idea first came into my mind when one day i went to nearby grocery shop during lockdown and found crowd of people there and then i thought about managing this crowd and maintaining social distancing among the people at public places,shops,etc. by means of an online system.

What it does

In this system there are 2 types of users 1->customer 2->shopkeeper A customer can follow the shop through shop id and get the information of number of customers present at that shop and whether the shop is open or closed in its feed. Then the customer can make a decision depending upon on the number of people present at that shop before going to that shop. On the shopkeeper's side, a shopkeeper has to update the number of customers present at shop by clicking increase or decrease buttton , and shop status(open or close) by clicking a button.This change will reflect at customer's page each time customer logs in or refresh the page.

How we built it

We have built it using php and somewhat javascript as a back-end language and for front-end we have used html5,css and bootstrap. SQL is used for database management.

Challenges we ran into

As this is our first hackathon so implementing the idea into the code keeping ease of using the system by end users in mind is a bit challenging for us. Also we have faced some technical issues during deployment of system online from localhost(offline)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are gladful that during this situation of COVID-19 pandemic throughout the world we have developed a system which can help the society in fighting with the problems which arised in the society due to the corona virus outbreak.

What we learned

As this is our first hackathon project so we have learned a lot while developing this system both in field of coding and implementation of idea through coding.

What's next for Crowd Management System (CMS)

Currently we are thinking to keep maintaining the project by adding new features to it such as

  1. otp verification on customer or shop registration,
  2. location based recommendation system for customers which recommends nearby shops,banks,grocery and medical shops, railway stations, airport ,etc.
  3. also making it more simple and more informative for the users in terms of its ease of usage.
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