We were inspired by Family Feud and community oriented streaming games.

What it does

Crowd Feud allows Twitch streamers to survey viewers in real time for a Family-Feud style game. Viewers can participate by submitting survey answers on a custom Twitch extension. The streamer can then host participants and play the game.

How we built it

We all go to different schools so we had to use Discord to communicate. We got in calls together and split the project into different sections so we could all work concurrently, but stayed in the calls to be able to work together and organize.

Both the Twitch extension and Host web app are made with React, using typescript and javascript respectively. The backend uses a Node server written with typescript. The backend handles the natural language processing and game logic. like accepting answers and sending out questions.

Challenges we ran into

We faced the occasional difficulty in communication since people were working independently and accidentally made incompatible code we had to go back and edit to make compatible.

It was also difficult to get our natural language processing technique to cluster words together, so we experimented with different ideas. Our result was imperfect but still managed to be decent at grouping words.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having the full game work as expected!

What we learned

Working remotely can be difficult if plan is not completely laid up since people may have different methods and ideas that take the project in different paths. We learned how to use typescript more since it was a language we had not used very often.

What's next for Crowd Feud

We hope to improve wording processing to associate words more effectively.

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