We propose an app that serves as a residential demand response aggregator. The app uses Green Button data, Energy Information Administration data, as well as data from ISO's and other electricity markets to provide a reasonable estimate of the need for demand response from individual homes.

A key driver behind the app is the simplicity in which it allows residents to participate in demand response. Simply by opting into demand response events, the app can calculate how much savings can be roughly attributable to each household. In the future, the app can be integrated with home appliances to instantly change energy consumption.

One final key aspect of the app is that it introduces a gamification aspect to participation. Instead of rewarding individual participants several dollars for participation in a demand response event, the app aggregates monetary savings and awards large sums of cash and prizes to only a few participants. For every few hundred participants, 2 or 3 people may be able to win prizes worth $500. This type of award structure is much more likely to motivate people to "play" in demand response activities.

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