When a special event occurs, players receive a question on their mobile device, for example: “Will this free kick result in a goal?”, players can then select their answer. Depending on the outcome they receive, or lose, points and rank higher on the leaderboard. The one player with the highest score at the end of the match wins. It is up to the contestants to decide on the format of the game. For example: Does everyone bet equally on an event? Or are some players selected to bet first and everyone else bets if they are right or wrong?

What it does

The app asks different kind of questions during a football game (static or event-driven). Users can choose, how much they want to bet on each question (from 10 point to "all in"). On the leaderboard the scores are listed. The first user that registers, is the Admin.

How we built it

App developed with Rails (Frontend/Backend) with Bootstrap and an SQLite database. Builds are deployed via Docker Container to Azure.

Challenges we ran into

Relational database with rails, deployment with Azure in a Docker Container.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The application looks simple for the user, despite the complexity of scoring and the question handling. The app creates business value through logo presence of the sponsors and encourages spectators to make additional purchases.

What we learned

A simple problem can be a huge time consumer, if you are not careful. Task distribution within the team (devs/nondevs) is epic. Start early with publishing and the pitch.

What's next for Crowd Bet

Further functions could be location based questions and a scanning function, to earn more points (e.g. upload your match ticket or receipt from the fan shop to get points).

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