Post Suicide

Our Inspiration

Most of the applications related to suicide focus on preventing it. While this is completely valid and an important problem, it causes people to neglect the problem of post suicide issues. Even after treatment, it still takes patients time to recover completely, and 4% of these recovering patients attempt to commit suicide a second time. So we got the inspiration to create a resource that's easily accessible and can help post-suicide patients monitor and stay aware of their own health.


We developed an application which is a self help tool for post-suicide patients. Because they have already gone through the experience once, it's not necessary to keep such close tabs on them. However this does not mean we should neglect them completely. By assessing patients mental health weekly through questions and surveys, it provides sources as to how to improve the condition. Or if they feel good then the application will continue to encourage patients.

Moving forward

Due to our inability to provide accurate clinical information, we unfortunately could not take this project to the next level. In the future we hope to provide an immediate connection with doctors, notifying them of their patients condition, and to allow access to better resources to self-help based off the analysis.

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