What if people simply had the right incentive to stop using their phones while walking or crossing the streets?

Crosstime is a national movement to spread awareness of safe crossings across intersections, by gamifying the ultimate safety when walking - putting one's phone away. Participants run the Crosstime app while walking or crossing intersections to track which intersections they crossed and the total time they spend walking with the phone off.

Effectively, Crosstimes is a distractions-free walk mode app for your phone that also helps you track things you encounter while walking - all to help contribute to the global cause of safe “crosstimes”.

One can level up against friends and frenemies in a national leaderboard. But, while the app appeals to competitive types, it also serves a use to those who would like to know which streets they crossed.

Crosstime uses geofencing to tell when a user has crossed a certain intersection.

A serverside component globally tracks statistics such as intersections crossed and time.

Using the accelerometer on the user's phone, Crosstime is aware of the user's movement and can also be used as a pedometer. It is also battery-saving, using minimal resources and shuts the phone off when the user has not moved for more than five minutes.

Crosstime is a cross-platform native app on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. And, also on wearables - such as the slew of smartwatches and Google Glass.

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