Our inspiration for this project comes from the idea that change is possible. Right now humanity is facing a big crisis, COVID-19, and the only way in which we reduced the affected is when we worked together. If humanity works together we can do anything.

This game relates to this problem since you have the choice to fix the world of its many environmental issues and others. In the game, you work as a community to assure a better life for humankind.

What it does

The game is similar to a quiz where the user gets a set of questions. If he answers correctly, he passes to the next level/question. If the user answers all the questions right, then the user moves on to win the game. If the user doesn't win the game or misses a question, the User will have to restart from the beginning. In the end, we have a mini-game for you to try out too. :)

How we built it

Before deciding what game engine to use or what to do. We decided to meet together and start to brainstorm ideas for the project which relates to the theme, "build a bridge to the better world". After a few hours of thinking, we got our idea and started experimenting with which game engines would be compatible with a questionnaire kind of game. In the beginning, we juggled with multiple game engines like Unreal and GDevelop, but later on we decided to use Unity because its user interface was much better than the other developing apps. We started our developing process by looking at Youtube tutorials, since this was our first time using Unity. Afterwards, we started developing our scenes and working on completing the game.

Challenges we ran into

One of the many challenges we ran into was learning how to even use Unity, and how to do this fast. Since we only had about 2 days to complete the project, we had to spend quite a lot of time looking at tutorials and learning how to use the unity platform and the c# coding language.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of creating this game in such a short time and completing the many levels that we thought would not have been possible.

What we learned

We learned how to use unity and most of all, how hackathons are orchestrated so we can attend more and learn even more from them. Attending the hackathon taught us a lot about teamwork and how to code in short amounts of time. The hackathon also helped us discover many new aspects of the world, and it helped us learn about the kinds of things that were going wrong.

What's next for Crossroads

Crossroads still needs more development, in which we will take some time(even after the hackathon) to improve the game and its user interface.

The game will be published and be linked in the "Try it out" section. To play the game you need to download the files and run the Crossroads.exe file. Thanks for taking your time to look at our project, and we hope you enjoy the game!

Sincerely, Crossroads Team

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