Taking inspiration from the hacker hangout mini events, we wanted a platform where fellows can meet fellows from other pods, and discuss their ideas / meet each other

What it does

It's super simple, you login via your github account (so we know your pod) and you'd see bubbles for everyone online , once you click 'join' you'd be matched with three random fellows and redirected to a video call between you all

How we built it

We primarily built the application using Next.Js and also utilized docusaurus for documentation , auth0 was used to setup github OAuth. was used for the video calls ( shout-out to nquinlan for the suggestion)

Challenges we ran into

We spent a lot of time getting the OAuth flow to work , we were using vercel ( formerly zeit ) for CD , but the serverless nature of it was posing problems , so we switched to deploying it. but had problems with the https certificate. ( Shout-out to Caddy reverse proxy for saving the day )

Accomplishments that we're proud of

HTTPs Certificates, Documentation deployed on a subdomain, pretty bubbles which show a fellows github profile when clicked. Seamless video calls !

What we learned

We learnt a lot about nextjs ecosystem , and how easy docusaurus is to deploy. not to mention the particulars of auth0 and OAuth flow

What's next for CrossPods

Add a page to track proposed projects which fellows can collaborate on outside of the fellowship

Built With

  • docusaurus
  • next.js
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