To have a multiplayer game where people outside of the VR headset and engage with a player in VR

What it does

The VR player is placed in a game where creatures slowly crawl to them. He/she is able to fend them off with a vr gun. Players on the browser platform are able to drop bombs into the game by clicking on an image of a map to fend the zombies off.

How we built it

Socket.IO for communication between Unity client and web browser game clients Node.JS and Express for creating the web game client Unity3D for building the VR game

Challenges we ran into

Setting up communication between clients and Node.js server

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A web browser game that is updated by a Socket.IO connection to a Unity application.

What we learned

How simple it is to build an event messaging system with Socket.IO

What's next for CrossOVr

More items? More players?

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