There is an urgent need to start a blockchain-powered remittance service that could support the unbanked, small businesses, creators, freelancers, self-employed, professionals, underbanked, low and middle income earners, digital savvy millennials, as well as community-based financial institutions, Big Tech firms, and retailers seeking to offer digital banking services using the CBDCs.

What it does

It offers a transfer service to send payments via the XRP ledger using the XRP crypto. Users can also request payments. A wallet can be added to the system to facilitate the transfer of funds. Funds can be used to pay for services and products. Invoices can also be sent to customers to accept payments.

How we built it

The XRP ledger is used as the underlying blockchain for sending payments back and forth using the XRP library in the Node JS backend middleware as well as the Vue JS frontend.

What's next for CrossNode

The use of a CBDC platform that leverages the XRPL CBDC and blockchain to record and validate transactions.

Built With

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