The game "Crossbow Hunter" is a 3rd person MMO game for Pc/Mac & Linux and will contain a Single player experience for mobile devices. What inspired me to make this game was the whole new "Indie game scene" and a game called "Links crossbow adventure". My target users are from all ages who would like to enjoy a new approach to an MMO featuring the weapon (CrossBow) which isn't used in most games today. My most proud key feature will be the designs for all the different crossbows and the availability to create and customize the crossbows in many ways. Crossbow hunter will offer a large variety of game modes, dungeons, and items to keep the game going. Featuring a hard mode for multiplayer players will go through old dungeons but with a whole new look and will be bigger than a normal one. These levels will be randomly generated so the players always have some sort of replayability. The way customization works will be vast and far, letting users design on their crossbows and give them a fresh new look instead of all having the same look. Crossbow hunter will be completely free to play and will never be pay to win. To support the developers we will design a shop that will vastly open even more customization to not just the crossbows but to the characters and items themselves(also donate 10% to Childs play) This will include special effects for the arrows and skills. Designable plates and patterns for the crossbows, different ink sets and trims, for the characters there will be different sets of armor that will not change the set of flow but enhance your look in game. Depending on the dungeon, you will always find something to use to create repair or enhance your crossbows. this can come in many ways like faster reload time, more durability, less stamina usage/heavier to run faster, better aim and much more. The game modes to come will be: Solo (single player for mobile version ), Multiplayer, PVP, Dungeon events, target challenges and more to come. I hope you'll enjoy playing crossbow hunter more than ill enjoy making it.

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