Inspiration-We made this classical game which may make some of us feel childhood nostalgia.

What it does-

The game play is simple try to avoid hitting opponents and get as much score as possible. The car can switch between 5 lanes and there are 15 different speeds. As the speed increases car will run faster making the game more difficult.

How we built it-

This is a google cloud IOT based game using which one can wirelessly control it with this particular joystick from any where in the world. For example- A person X sitting in India can control and play the game with a friend in USA. The game is based on google cloud IOT core and along with it I have used some API like pub/sub API and google real time API. Upon registering, the device and adding a public key we were able to generate a certificate pair using open SSL. These certificates can be used to connect to google IOT core as a device and start publishing data. We are using a PHP on chip Arduino shield along with Arduino uno, rotatory angle sensor and a USB WiFi dongle. The PHP on chip helps to create an IOT environment to enable the data transfer between the Arduino and google cloud IOT. The rotatory angle sensor aids in controlling the car and helps to start and restart the game.

Challenges we ran into

Upon development of hardware we were having difficulty to upload the data onto google cloud IOT core which we fixed eventually.

What's next for Cross_Roads-Try to provide more functionalities to it.

Built With

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