We're motivated by the necessity to remove linguistic barriers to information and enable access to both sides of a story.

What it does

It lets you search the web in a language you know(eg. English ) for information that might be present in a foreign tongue. This project is a result of labour of love.

How we built it

We translate your QUERY into languages of your choice. We then search the internet for both your query and the Translated Queries. The results of the queries are then RANKED using algorithms trained on MS Marco reranking. We then take the top 5 resulting pages and using our QUESTION ANSWERING system to extract an answer to your searched Query instead of just showing you a list of pages.

Challenges we ran into

A major challenge we faced was handling a high volume of translation traffic.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A high quality search engine that gives more contextual, appropriate search results for regional, language specific search queries.

What we learned

Leveraging API calls for automated search and translation, question answering using SOTA models.

What's next for cross-lingual-QA-MSMARCO

Auto-detect language of query and translation.

Built With

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