Business Travel Application often relies on Paper Form, Email and Custom Build Office Applications. Employee often needs to deal with travel agent, supervisors, finance, HR to ensure appropriate process are being followed. Tracking those document and communications are cumbersome and time consuming.

What it does

What if you have a Travel Assistant, always ready, with built-in intelligence of Office SOP and workflows? Should there be any emergency or changes, employee just chat away and get things done - correctly. With the best deals from Sabre, and reviews from GIATA - surely business travel experience would be much better experience.

How I built it

I use MS bot framework with Sabre-Dev-Studio module for API authentication and communication

Challenges I ran into

No example how to Post body content to Sabre Challenges to parse content - and limited Hotel data on APAC.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Figuring out communication with Sabre API without example documentation. Establishing cross channel communication

What I learned

Better knowledge of Sabre API, Bot Framework

What's next for Cross Channel Business OTA

Make the interaction more natural

Built With

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