We started trying to sell insurance but had to iterate to a different partnership model.

What it does

A "Croqueta" is (in our own world) a Partnership Sales Campaign we can:

  • Use it as a cross-selling tool for online stores.
  • Send it to a captive audience to provide extra services (Event organizers)
  • Storefront for online sellers (mini-Shopify)

A Broker, Seller, or Event Organizer can create a "Croqueta" by defining:

  1. What User data do we want to collect, Logos, copy
  2. Define and Configure Partnership opportunities, (including all links, copy, images)
    • Services: Partnership where the partners provide an extra service to your customer
    • Sales: Sale Items
    • Hiring: Job Opportunities
    • Other (Future types of partnerships)
  3. Share or Link "Croqueta"'s a shareable link with their Customers
  4. Check the Dashboard

A Customer once receives the "Croqueta" it will:

  1. Confirm its info.
  2. For each partnership select the offers, items of interest.
  3. Pay directly to the "Croqueta" Owner (via Stripe)
  4. Gets a Confirmation QR code

How we built it

Single monolithic app

  • Reactjs Nextjs
  • Firebase
  • Stripe
  • MaterialUI

Challenges we ran into

  • Stripe Payments

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Our domain quick a**


What we learned

To build stuff with time constraints

What's next for Croqueta Power

  • Launch on Product Hunt
  • Create the Campaign/Program Creator
  • Customers to grow the MRR.

Built With

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