I am a systems design engineer, and have been in the field of scientific instrumentation for 20 years now. I work for a company, Opti-Sciences Inc, that designs instruments to measure plant health parameters. Our systems are mostly used by researchers and advanced agriculture management people. I have been interested in building a more interactive system for some time but could not find an appropriate display platform. I think the Moverio could provide this.

I have designed a unit called the CCM-300 for my company. It is a device that measures the chlorophyll level in plants. It works well but can be sensitive to location where the measurement is made. I reasoned that being able to see the measurement numbers while looking at where the leaf is on the probe would make the device far more ergonomically friendly. It is not uncommon to take 200 to 300 measurements in a field or test group in a green house, so neck strain from looking between the instrument and the sample can happen. I have experimented with a wrist mounted carrying case for the unit, but found it cumbersome.

The CCM-300 has a bluetooth serial link built in this would provide the connection to the Moverio. Most of our systems have a bluetooth link capability, so this could be used with our other instruments as well.

I would also like to explore the idea of a wearable instrument. This is an extension of the original project where I would make a sensor package that would fit in a glove like form. This unit would have no display, being controlled through either the touch pad on the Moverio, or ultimately with voice commands. The user would be able to touch the plant leaf where desired to get a reading. I may look to add additional sensor wavelengths to give the unit the ability to determine environmental stress factors and nutrient stresses. This information can be used for things from research into basic plant functions to helping to determine proper fertilizer levels.

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