To improve analysis of CropScape datum. The app is an attempt to allow mobile analysis of data through a static library of state images and data.

What it does

Allow analysis of CropScape datum at the state level.

How I built it

PhoneGap and angularJs were used on the client to create a mobile app. Microsoft Azure is the cloud based platform of for comments api and image storage

Challenges I ran into

The CropScape overlays did not work on IOS and I ran out of time to find a solution.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Loading CropScape overlays onto mobile platforms without excessive memory use resulting in a foreclose or crash.

What I learned

Georeferencing images onto a map is now outdated. A conversion of vector would allow a better experience and analysis but precision of raster conversion and land use overlays would have to be calculated.

What's next for Cropper

Include the full data of CropScape and allow loading of single or multiple country overlays and individual landuse overlays.

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