There are a lot of farming techniques, and aquaculture is the new one that doesn't seem to be fully developed yet. Our goal is to use the Programmable Logic Control system of arduino to allow people to set up, and maintain their own aquaculture plants on the acres they have available to them.

What it does:

It allows almost full automation of an aquaculture farm including, but not limited to nitrates, hardness, alkaline, PH, and temperature.

Technologies being used:

It will be built with a time based web-listening system built on top of arduino with PHP telling it how to control different parts of the plant.

Challenges expected:

Some of the challenges we expect to experience are: expanding beyond the prototype (fish tanks) communication between the PHP server, and arduino keeping fish from moving between tanks (fish blocker)

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

knowing how build out the architecture

What we'll learn:

endpoint information points being able to talk to the server, and the server telling the pumps when to fire to keep the fish, and plants healthy.

What's next for Aqua-Monitor:

After the hack-a-thon we're hoping to get a grant from the state of MN to build a plant to evolve the technology into something that could expand to more plants.

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