We have many sources of inspiration, but being first-time hackers, and for some of us, first-time coders, we decided to work on a project where we could learn basic skills and dip our toes into the world of coding.

What it does

Soil quality is one of the most important factors in determining the yield of crops. Current methods of soil analysis involve field work, which can become cumbersome. Our hack aims to streamline this process by placing simple sensor modules throughout a crop. Equipped with a temperature, touch, and light sensor, our module can record valuable information that can help boost anything from crop production to the growth of the vegetables in your mum's garden.

How it was made

We used the Arduino Uno to interpret the data sent from a photoelectric resistor, temperature sensor, and a capacitive touch sensor.

Future direction

With more resources, this idea can play a transformative role in the multi-billion dollar industry of agriculture. With information about each part of their crop, farmers can direct resources to where it is required most. Developed further, this technology can "modernize" agriculture.

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